Kusi Wasi Orphanage

Kusi Wasi is a home to 21 children, teens and adults who all suffer from moderate to extreme mental and physical disabilities. They live daily within the parameters of a small house in a district about 40 minutes from Cusco´s city center. Their ages range from around 6 to 28 (for many their ages are estimated based on when they were admitted to the orphanage or when they were found on the streets).

The childrens' stories are all different, but stem from the underlying issue of lack of support for children with special needs as well as support from their families. It is more common than not for children with special needs to be abandoned in Peru, especially in areas with fewer resources. 

Over the past few years, Kusi Wasi has suffered from extreme financial devastation. They lost their main source of aid, so staff members stayed without wages, knowing that the kids would have no other support if they were to leave. Kusi Wasi receives no form of help from the government, so its livelihood is based on donations and outside support, alone.

There is money only for the very basic needs. Many of the children require multiple daily medications to help in the prevention of seizures and other extremes of their disorders, which there is not always money for. These medications are crucial for the children to be able to stabilize their conditions and live more comfortably. 

Our goal is to help Kusi Wasi come back from this devastation and improve the lives of the children. The children all have different ranges of needs and should each receive the essential attention and care that they need to improve their quality of life.