My Story

In 2013, after graduating from university and not a clue what to do next, I decided to take time out and volunteer at the Maria Salome Ferro orphanage for boys in Cusco, Peru. I was deeply moved by my experience at the orphanage, and found that I couldn’t simply walk away from these children and return to life as normal in NZ. It was this realisation that was the motivation behind forming LNO - I needed to do something.

Having always been artistic at school, I decided to return to my roots and get creative. As soon as the plane touched down in NZ, I set about learning how to design and make jewellery. 

Jewellery is a very sentimental gift and buying it, when you know it gives back, adds that extra layer. From each jewellery purchase, 10 per cent is donated directly to the orphanage, with contributions documented on this website.

The first year of LNO was challenging. I was in a full-time job, which meant that only after work and in my weekends I could design and produce jewellery, and meet customer orders.

After a year of saving the money earnt through my full-time employment, I was delighted to be able to make the first LNO business trip back to Maria Salome Ferro. At this time, the total money raised for the orphanage through LNO sales was a modest amount, yet I was astonished at how far every dollar went to make incredible improvements within these childrens' lives.

Invigorated and inspired by the successful trip, I have decided to commit to LNO full-time. The goal is to take LNO to the next level, and with that, bring more smiles to more childrens' faces.

Georgie Caldwell - Founder & Director of LNO